Move Into a New Phone Case

You know how sometimes one little change in your world can make you feel better? It can be something small that sparks just enough change to case a pleasant ripple effect. Maybe a new phone case could do the trick.

When I switched carriers and got a new phone I knew I wanted a fun phone case. And I wanted more variety than what you find in the cell phone store. So doing what any tech savvy, social media involved woman would do – I did a search online for phone cases. Wow…way too many choices and lots of stuff I didn’t like. So I closed down Google and went on Instagram. Viola! My feed was magically filled with ads for phone cases and I found the one. (Well at least the one for now – LOL)

Here’s the one I picked – Yellow Cherry Blossom. I love the bright yellow (so cheerful and I can spot it easily in my purse if I forget to put it in the phone pocket).

I get compliments on it all the time – even when I’m taking pictures.  And lest you think it is just cute and not protective…not so. I chose the Bold (Ultra Protection) style. It has several protective features like:

8′ Military Grade Drop Protection
Shock Absorbing Air Pockets
Slip-resistant Side Grip
3mm Ultra-raised Front Lip Protection

I got this case at Casely. They have a ton of variety and an easy to navigate site. You can order one case or join the club and get a new case every month (or every three months). If you get a new case, let me know! I’d love to know which one you picked.

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